CFD Dubai-SOWO Scholarship

Program overview

SOWO Foundation in collaboration with Collage of Fashion & Design-Dubai invites candidates to apply for scholarship (40% partial scholarship) in the following fields of study

  • Diploma in Fashion and Design
  • Bachelor in Fashion Business Management
  • Bachelor in Fashion Design

Collage of Fashion & Design-Dubai (CFD) inspires students to be alert to new approaches and ideas. The collage offers this opportunity to applicants from Kenya with an aim to develop critical thinking skills and apply them to challenges of the professional fashion world.

The programs offered at CFD have strong links with both cultural and historical practices as well as contemporary global fashion trends to create the next generation of fashion professionals.

As a budding institution CFD assists in developing student skills through:

  1. Unique, innovative, highly specialized programs at the Diploma and Bachelor levels
  2. Focused, demanding and hands-on personalized learning
  3. Incubation model of teaching to heighten anticipation and deepen understanding
  4. Broad based education that prepares students to handle the modern complexities of a fast changing world
  5. Creative and innovative solutions blending current trends of fashion with traditional techniques
  6. Strong values and a culture of excellence
  7. Partnership with international players in the fashion industry

Successful Applicants Reporting date: 1st Week of September 2018

(Before making an application, read the application quide and website foot note make sure that you provide the correct documents and information as required. The fields marked in red MUST be filled )

The Secretariat
CFD-SOWO Scholarship program