SOWO LOPEF Community Training Programs

SOWO Mother Pack Initiative-Towards Zero home deliveries
October 1, 2017
2017 Run for Sickle Cell Marathon
December 9, 2017
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This Community training program series between SOWOF and Love and Peace Foundation is a collaborative endeavour towards implementation of SOWOF activities in regard to policy development and resource mobilization and development support, care, lobby and advocacy for the Youth and Women Empowerment. Love and Peace Foundation (LOPEF) has offered training and marketing support services during this program and has also taken part in the Youth and Women Empowerment Project initiative for the implementation of enterprise related activities in Bar Soap, Shampoo, Detergent, Sweets, Carpets and Ciondo production and other activities.

In the spirit of integrity, sacrifice and giving to foster equity, this partnership has developed and expanded relationships with producers of target products (these producers are also referred to an micro, small and medium scale enterprises or “MSMEs”).

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