Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Energy

SOWO works towards increasing access to clean and affordable energy for the increasingly growing rural populations, providing sustained partnership to individuals, NGOs and renewable energy entrepreneurs in combating energy poverty, climate change and environmental protection.

Human activity is overloading our atmosphere with carbon dioxide and other global warming emissions, which trap heat, steadily drive up the planet’s temperature, and create significant and harmful impacts on our health, our environment, and our climate.
SOWO has put together initiatives and campaigns that address on recurrent emerging issues that negatively impact the environment and the globe as a whole.
SOWOs aims to provide substantial benefits associated with these energy technologies include:

a) Improved public health and environmental quality
b) A vast and inexhaustible energy supply
c) Job creation and other economic benefits
d) Stable energy prices
e) A more reliable and resilient global energy system

We need Your Support

Join Dr. Mama Sarah Obama in her positive initiative to embrace effective and efficient energy solutions. She welcomes any kind of donations and support or sponsorship to help the world’s most destitute children and provide them with the necessities, training, and inspiration they need to develop, grow, and become self-sufficient.

Renewable Energy for a Sustainable World

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