Brief Background

SOWO Foundation has its genesis at the grassroots of the community. From a small village in Siaya County, Kenya and Kibera slum village in the heart of Nairobi City, an idea was hatched by a small number of men and women to better their lives. Initially, the Siaya Owete Welfare Organization was formed to cater for members’ welfare which included community support for families and benevolence schemes.

As the needs of the members grew, so was the need to be more visionary. SOWO, a community based organization was formed in 1995. This CBO was mandated to better the livelihood of not only the registered members but also the community around it. Poverty was rife, orphans were increasingly becoming a concern and widows were increasing in number due to HIV prevalence.

SOWO embraced these vulnerable groups and mobilized the community to help alleviate the wanton suffering. School going children had little or no educational support, widows had poor shelter, some had none at all and food was scarce to many of this group. SOWO provided basic needs for poor families, school uniform for needy orphans and school fees for destitute children.

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