Volunteer and help us in support of Orphans, Widows & The vulnarable groups

The work that we do would not be possible without our volunteers.  Do something amazing and make today the day you volunteer – donating your time and talent could make all the difference.

Our Volunteer & Internship program aims at developing skills  intended to promote goodness and improve human quality of life.

SOWOs initiatives embody the kind of community voice, support, and participation that is necessary for sustainable long-term results. The Organization has unified initiatives that rely on thousands of hours of volunteer help to achieve significant community-development.

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      Ways to Volunteer

      a) Volunteer through our support Programs

      Help us be there for SOWO orphans, widows & the vulnerable group by volunteering through our support programs. For instance, SOWO Education program identifies orphans and vulnerable children who are unable to get education due to lack of school fees. We give children the skills and confidence to pursue education and careers. Many of our support programs are delivered or supported by volunteers. There’s lots of ways to volunteer through our support services. So if you feel you have the skills, experience and understanding to support people in person, by phone or email, fill in our volunteers form.

      b) Raise awareness

      Help us raise awareness of Sickle cell Anemia and spread the word about our vital support causes.

      It’s important that anyone with a Sickle cell Anemia health concern knows where to go for information and support. Similarly, everyone who needs our support should know how to access the support they need. We need volunteers to help us reach more people who have Sickle cell Anemia health concerns or need to access our support programs

      Join our Campaigns Network 
      Sign up to our campaigns network to keep up to date with our campaigns and find out how to get involved.

      Be an Information Point Volunteer 
      Distribute patient information, bookmarks, leaflets and posters in your community.

      Become a Volunteer Speaker 
      Help champion the work we do by giving informative and inspirational talks to community groups and associations.

      Be a Media Volunteer 
      Are you willing to tell your story? By raising awareness of the work we do we can reach more people, so sharing your experiences could help us engage with readers across a range of national and local media.